Development Opportunities

  • Identification of talent already in the company benchmarked against best in the market
  • Internal talent development opportunities highlighted to themanagement team
  • Talent pipeline identified internally and externally with defined career goals put in place to attract and/or retain the best people
  • A fluid agile organisation better able to deliver its strategy through having strategic hires identified ahead of time and physical needs.
  • Mentoring Program for development of internal talent inline business strategies and needs

Increased employer brand in the market  

  • Having a positive culture, allows your business to become the employer of choice regionally or in some instances globally.

  • When you have positive culture and values, you can recruit the best people in the market, the byproduct is your business will be a more attractive choice for potential clients.

  • Enhanced employee engagement and satisfaction will increase business performance which increases the service level delivery to your clients.

Enhanced business capabilities aligned to the strategic growth plan  

  • Morton Maritime identifies the right talent for key strategic positions in your organisation, benchmarking internal vs. external talent pools, ensuring you retain and/or attract the brightest talent in the marketplace to deliver the strategy
  • Strategically timed to lessen the negative impact on having open positions in the business, notice periods no longer affect the hiring processes and onboarding process