Business Transformation

Business Transformation happens for varying reasons, financial performance, commercial performance, toxic or lack of culture are just a few. Morton Maritime can deliver significant business change working alongside the leadership teams and boards to transform underperforming businesses into value driven, high performing businesses through several undertakings.

  • Organisational design aligned to business strategy, in conjunction with restructuring or business transformations

  • Culture shifting or change across all areas of the business, working as part of the business to drive new behaviors, new process and new thinking.

  • Developing culture is a long process with huge benefits to the wider organisation, creating sustainable benefits across all business areas.

  • Delivers a leaner, fluid, more agile and capable business

  • Gives the SLT clear vision of business capabilities and what areas need more focus, training or guidance to deliver in line with the culture

  • Mission statements, values and culture are the three pillars that companies are built on, failing in any of these areas will have drastically negative effects on your business.


  • Working with Morton Maritime allows the SLT to focus on delivering the strategy knowing the soft side of the business will enhance and be more capable of delivering the strategy of the business.

  • Morton Maritime create value driven and performance based organisations, positive behaviors, and new thinking. Consistent delivery of these new process and behaviors are key stones to high performance organisations.

Recruitment and Succession Planning

  • Deliver significant reduction in recruitment costs over the term of engagement versus traditional recruitment and executive search fee structures.

  • Identification of strategic hiring needs up to 24 months in advance of the actual need. Morton Maritime will develop a long-term strategic succession plan to allow the business to focus on the strategy delivery safe in the knowledge the right people are in place.

  • Internal talent development opportunities identified; succession planning will identify high potential candidates that will be the future of your business.

  • “Emotional pain” of bad hires is bad for business, culturally, financially and commercially. Morton Maritime will eradicate the bad hires through a defined and structured process using recruitment, cultural and exploratory techniques

  • Morton Maritime will give clients a clear understanding of what the business could look like in the future using people design, business transformation, organisational design and talent landscaping.

  • Developing an attractive environment by driving positive culture and strong values will increase the hiring capabilities and make your business more attractive.
  • A fixed spend on recruitment throughout the engagement with Morton Maritime allows businesses to manage their recruitment spend annually without forfeiting service delivery or quality of candidates. Morton Maritime works on a time-based model, the traditional % of package model doesn’t work for culture, values, mission based recruitment models.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Collaboration

  • Whilst the assets that are acquired are generally the most focused on part of deals, the true assets are the people that will come through acquisition. Having a targeted approach to evaluating the human element will enable the business leaders to truly understand what the business value could be in the future and where the gaps in talent will ultimately appear to truly see the value that they will acquire through acquisition.
  • Combining Talent Landscaping with an OD process will highlight potential weak spots or talent gaps. A combined approach will create a seamless transition and better performing future business

  • When aligned to the business growth plan or strategy this a powerful tool for any board and leadership team to understand the value of the people in a merger, acquisition or collaborative agreement and the best course of  action to develop the business.